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President-Elect Joe Biden down but not out

On Thanksgiving weekend President-Elect Joe Biden fell while playing with one of his dogs. After seeing his orthopedist, Dr. Kevin O'connor it was confirmed he had a hairline (small) fracture to a mid-foot bone known as the intermediate cuneiform. This was not picked up on x-ray however due to his clincal examination of pain and mostlikely redness, swelling and warmth the doctor ordered a CT scan (computerized tomography) which can find subtle irregularities that sometimes isn't picked up on a plain x-ray.

These type of fracture commonly occur with low impact and with rotation of the ankle onto the foot, like slipping and falling. 

This walking boot is commonly referred to as a CAM walker. This stands for controled ankle motion boot. These forms of boots is used for immobilization and is commonly used in the foot and ankle podiatric office.
Typical treatment required 4 - 6 weeks of walking in a boot. 
Garrett Kalmar, DPM, AACFAS

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