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TeleHealth Medicine: What is it? and is it right for me?

Virtual Health Email

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has quickly changed our daily lives, and Kalmar Family Podiatry is doing everything we can to help during this public health crisis.

Have a foot or ankle issue? No matter if it is something mild or emergent, we are here to help! We offer both video face-to-face visits and in-office appointments.

As part of our ongoing efforts to help contain the spread of COVID-19, we are now offering video visits with Dr. Garrett Kalmar, as an alternative to office visits.  These visits are done in the comfort of your own home. Best yet, there is no out of pocket cost! urgent or emergent issues Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Dr. Matthew Kalmar.

To schedule, just call or text our office and request a video visit.

What is a video visit?

A video visit is similar to an office visit, only instead of traveling to see your doctor, you can video conference with them from your home. Our providers can assess symptoms, make a diagnosis, recommend treatment, and send prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy.    

What types of appointments can I schedule as video visits?

Any type of foot or ankle issue can be seen by the Doctor via Virtual health appointments.  Your visit will allow us to start treatment and evaluate the necessity for an in-office visit or continued virtual appointments to get you on your road to recovery.

What do I need in order to participate in virtual health?

All you need is a smartphone, iPad/tablet, or a computer with video capabilities.   We also ask is that you are in a quiet well-lit area, with a strong internet connection so we can optimize the visit

How can I schedule a video visit?

Call or text 631-673-FOOT (3668) today and we will be able to see you as soon as possible.

Will my insurance plan cover video visit?

Most insurance plans cover video visits, also known as “virtual health visits”. However, it is important for you to check with your insurance company to confirm coverage.  With that said the first virtual health visit is with no out of pocket cost and if your insurance doesn’t cover the appointments the first appointment is on us.

Can I schedule a video visit for a child?

Yes, video visits are available for all ages, as long as they have their parent(s)/legal guardian on the call.

How does a video visit work?

Video visits take place in our office or homes.  We will either send you a link to join or use facetime which is non-hippa compliant but approved throughout the corona crisis. 

What if I need an appointment and I want to see a doctor in-person?

Our office is open to see you. We are taking every precaution to keep our patients and visitors safe in this changing environment, including modified patient and visitor policies. For the latest information on temporary closings or adjusted hours please call. 

You can call the office to schedule an appointment.

Virtual health appointments are happening right now.  Book yourself in today by calling or texting 631-673-FOOT (3668)

We are also working towards offering online scheduling for video visits in the near future.

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