Top 5 Ways to Prevent Common Running Injuries

The expert team at Kalmar Family Podiatry in Huntington, New York, has provided the Top 5 ways to prevent common running injuries to keep your foot and ankle pain free while exercising.

Overuse Injuries: This is the most common running-related foot and ankle injury seen in the greater Huntington, New York community. This injury usually arises from training error. Runners who increase their mileage or reduce their mile time too quickly can cause harm, as their bodies are not given enough time to recover. Some injuries include: plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints or metatarsalgia (general foot pain) to even stress fractures of the foot or ankle. Some stress fracture symptoms include: excessive pain with walking, swelling to the foot, bruising and tenderness.

Even When Precautions Are Taken The Risk of a Running Related Injury is Possible. So now what?

The key is to know your body. Pain in your foot or ankle when running could be an early sign to injury. No one should ignore his or her pain and run through it. Running through pain can and most often turn a minor injury into a more significant injury and subsequently prolong the recovery period.

So what to do? The answer is simple, cross-train. Using an elliptical machine, biking, swimming or when possible water running along with strength training and stretching are all ways to main your cardio training without having to stop. This will protect your injury and allow the appropriate time to heal.

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Garrett Kalmar, DPM, AACFAS

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