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Are you going to the ski resort this February Break?

Skiing at a resort or gliding across an indoor ice rink makes for great winter recreation. But to make sure you finish your day with a mug of hot cocoa instead of a cast and crutches, follow these handy tips:

1. Make sure skates, ski boots or snowboard boots fit properly. Lace up ice skates tightly enough to give your ankle proper support.

2. If you have not skated, skied or snowboarded since last winter, do specific exercises two weeks ahead of time to condition the muscles used in each particular sport. A foot and ankle surgeon can recommend stretching and strengthening exercises to get you back in shape.

3. Never engage in winter sports alone. Always have someone with you so s/he can seek help immediately if you are injured.

If you suffer an injury, call us at 631-549-0955 for an appointment. Same day appointments are available. Your injury could be due to a foot/ankle sprain, fracture or stretched/torn tendon or ligament. Without prompt treatment, these conditions could lead to chronic ankle stability, arthritis, tissue damage or problems with foot alignment. 

Snowboarders Be Sensible on the Slopes: 

Before hitting the slopes this winter, snowboarders should know they are more susceptible to foot and ankle injuries than skiers.

Snowboard boots are more flexible than ski boots, which means midfoot and ankle sprains are more likely to occur because the boot’s flexibility allows for more impact at the tip of the toes.

Our office recommends that snowboarders wear stiffer boots to better protect the ankle and more firmly hold the foot in position.

Should you suffer a foot or ankle injury while playing a winter sport, call our office immediately. We would rather have you in our office first then going to an urgent care. We always have same day and next day appointments available. Call us at 631-549-0955 or  Contact Us


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